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You have a message inside of you that needs to get out. Dream Releaser Publishing lets you focus on crafting that message, while we do our part: bringing it to your audience as a professionally published book. You control the content. You retain the rights. You benefit from the sales. You grow your influence.

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  • Dream Releaser Publishing has been nothing short of incredible for me. As a virgin author, I knew there was a 'message' within me but I didn't know how to get it out. DRP served as the quintessential 'open door' that allowed me to confidently enter into a place of literary wonderment I had never experienced before. The spiritual counsel, experience and wisdom that I received helped me tremendously as I endeavored to fulfill a lifelong dream. Because of DRP, I was able to birth, "Mending Nets!"

    Bishop Matthew M Odum

    Matthew Marvin
  • My very first contact with publishing was one of the best, and a 'Dream' run! After all the stories I had heard about the difficulties and frustrations that were about to befall me from other authors and well meaning friends, I discovered that putting my trust in this fantastic group of people at Dream Releaser was not only encouraging, easy and productive, it was the easiest road to getting my book out to the public. I now recommend Dream Releaser to all who ask me about my experience in publishing a book, with pleasure!

    Valery Murphy

    Valery Murphy
  • Many leaders have powerful messages, and they realize they can reach more people if they can convert their messages into books. Dream Releaser Publishing specializes in this process. Our goal is to convert manuscripts and transcripts into powerfully articulated and beautifully published books. We provide casebound and paperback books for a reasonable price and over a short timeline. Like the leaders who come to us for assistance, we pursue excellence.

    Pat Springle

    Pat Springle
  • Getting your heart into a manuscript is tough enough. Dream Releaser Publishing will assist you through editing & artwork, to the finished copy. DRP will make your vision a reality.

    Dr. Richard L. Hilton

    Richard Hilton


The publishing industry is changing at rapid speed, as authors build platforms and communicate their message outside the boundaries of traditional processes that were once only accessible to a privileged few. Whether you are a pastor, speaker, consultant or business leader, at Dream Releaser Publishing, we believe your message needs to be heard—and we make it our mission to help you publish your message in book form, to the highest of standards within a reasonable budget.


At Dream Releaser Publishing, we do not believe “one size fits all.” With that in mind, once you have sent us your manuscript, we work with you to craft a plan forward to publish your book, managing every aspect of the process, from acquiring an ISBN, designing the interior and cover to meet your specifications and ensuring the books are printed properly. Within two to three months, you will hold your new book in your hands. You own the rights, you control the content and you reap the benefits.

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